In the Beginning, there was Chaos. And Chaos created and destroyed randomly. Everything that might exist existed for a length of time, and then was destroyed. The only permanency was impermanence.

Until Chaos created an Idea.

Chaos could have destroyed the Idea, but it didn’t. The Idea knew itself and, in so knowing, became permanent.

The Idea explored Chaos and, in so doing, began to understand. Understanding changed the Idea into a Mind. In so becoming, the mind gained control of Chaos.

The Mind could cause Chaos to create or destroy anything, and the Mind hungered for something as permanent as itself. The mind created what we now call the Overworld, and, in so creating, became the First Titan.

Soon, other Titans came to the Overworld. Some were created by the First Titan; others were created by Chaos in a manner similar to the First Titan.

Meanwhile . . . .

In the Beginning, all matter, energy and spacetime was concentrated in a point of zero volume. And the point expanded, and in so doing became the universe. As the universe cooled, some of the energy slowed down and became matter, and the matter came together and formed clouds which condensed into galaxies, stars and planets; one of those planets became the World.

The World cooled and rains started and, after a time, life began. And the life evolved and evolved and, eventually, produced, among many other species, humans.

Some of the Titans liked humans and began to study them, eventually binding their fates to various cultures, and, in being so bound, became the Gods.

Most of the Titans didn’t like humans and hated to see the Gods Fatebound to them and attempted to break the binding. The Gods took exception to this and fought back. This was the Overworld War.

The Gods won, and imprisoned the Titans in a silver prison, infinitely narrow and infinitely long, placed at the very center of the Underworld. There they remained for tens of thousands of years.

A few years ago, the prison was shattered and the Titans released. The Second Overworld War has begun.

And as children of the Gods, you’ve been drafted.

To Break the Pillars of Heavens

CLAVDIVS Margrethe