Join Battle

Join Battle (AKA “Initiative”) rolls shall be determined as follows:

Roll Wits + Dexterity. Add any other modifier dice there may be. Add automatic successes from Epic attributes. Add any other automatic successes to which you may be entitled. Ignore any ones that appear on the dice.

Go in order from greatest number of successes to least. After each action, subtract the speed of your action from your last initiative number; on that number, you may go again.

Round ends when count reaches zero; if a character rolled zero successes on the Join Battle rolls in the first place, he may take a single action now.


Considered change: Instead of rolling each round, roll only at the start of battle. Pro: speeds up combat significantly. Con: guy who rolls lowest gets screwed throughout the battle.

Considered change: Add dice equal to appropriate combat skill when rolling, representing that the skilled spearman gets his strike in whereas the neophyte doesn’t have that level of precision yet. Pro: adds a certain amount of realism. Con: binds a character to a single type of action in each round; may not be compatible with previous considered change.

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Join Battle

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