To Break the Pillars of Heavens

Circle Under the Sand, A (Session One)

The Scions (Sakura Donaldson, Scion of Yuki-Onna adopted by Athena, Jarl Odensen, Scion of Odin, Mitch Jeager, Scion of Tyr and Cal Avery, Scion of Pecos Bill) met at Earl’s 24-Hour, a cheap, skeevy (neat word) diner in North Las Vegas, Nevada. There, they met an equally skeevy messenger (Leo) who told them about their mission: perform security for a meeting of “big shots” (he avoids using the word “Gods”). He gave each of them a cheap trinket and then stiffed them for the check.

They then met to perform their security duties. They were taken into the bowels of the Wynn hotel (given the odor of the subbasement, that’s a pretty good term to use) and shown the doors they were to guard. After a long wait, they had a brief meeting with the Gods (including, in some cases, their divine parents) and settled in to their duties.

That’s when Karma Jenkins showed up. She’s the Wynn’s young, new Services Director. She didn’t know who was meeting or why, but she wanted to — desperately.

They split into teams, one performing reconnaissance while the other guards the door. After that, there was a long period of not doing much until the Gods left for the evening.

The Scions then decided to party for the evening, convinced Karma to get them tickets to a Penn and Teller show. After the show, they went drinking until the wee hours, then got a small amount of sleep before showing up for duty the next day.



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